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Nathan S-#512
03/11/11 - 07:21 PM
DF Bagel:
Prohibition! remember that? you probably don't because it was like a really long time ago. But it happened!
03/12/11 - 03:14 AM
Acefox :
"I still do. Good times! Good times!"
03/12/11 - 05:32 AM
"here in italy there is the prohibition to not getting drunk! ;) everyone are so happy!"
03/13/11 - 12:53 AM
sgt Fujin Vinson:
"You make history so interesting, Nathan! I think you should make a whole book on History like this here. You know, Nathan Stapley style ;D"
03/22/11 - 03:44 AM
"My great-grandma turned 21 the year prohibition ended. Kind of funny. Of course I'm not sure whether that was actually drinking age at the time, but still funny."
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