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Nathan S - #455
12/15/09 - 09:40 PM
DF Bagel:
here is a comic about myself interacting with myself, only i'm younger. like in 8th grade or something. i had awesome Catchit shorts.
12/16/09 - 06:46 AM
"You had excellent TV viewing taste!"
12/16/09 - 11:01 PM
"I loved the "Penny" shorts during Peewee's Playhouse."
12/17/09 - 08:02 PM
"Cheer-up kid, it gets a lot worse!"
12/21/09 - 10:33 AM
"Oh, are the vampires in a gigantic coffin this time, smart guy? God! I... um, oh. Riiiight. You aren't a vampire until 2010! Sorry about that! Please continue as though you haven't received a comment from the future."
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