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Nathan S - #458
12/23/09 - 09:04 PM
DF Bagel:
hi! Raz did my comic today! read raz's comics! do it for Christmas!
12/23/09 - 10:18 PM
DF Bagel:
"here is a link to click on to read raz's comics. i chose a Christmas themed one;"
12/26/09 - 12:31 AM
DF Bagel:
"hey everybody if you are reading this, merry christmas! im not going to update my comic till next year. i thought i was going to update it but i didnt, so raz will have to take us into the new year. wow 2010 so futuristic. i wish i had a pet dolphin that could talk to aliens."
01/24/10 - 04:17 PM
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