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Nathan S - #477
05/25/10 - 11:31 PM
DF Bagel:
Steve said I should make a comic about Steve and it sounded like fun so i did it and it was fun! woo Steve!
05/26/10 - 02:12 PM
Jellyfish Opera:
"Dare I say it....Go Steve. Hehe he certianly got himself noticed that's for sure. I'm sure there's a lesson in here somewhere."
05/26/10 - 03:15 PM
DF Bagel:
"no lesson, i really thought it was a good suggestion!"
05/27/10 - 02:42 AM
"Holy crap! Steve (otherwise known as The Dude Who Got Himself Banned From the Forum Twice) actually, like, triggered something awesome!"
05/27/10 - 02:55 PM
DF Bagel:
"ah i had no idea Steve was so notorious until i read some of the other dudes comments. what a rascal!"
05/27/10 - 04:08 PM
"*facepalm* DFAF is doomed."
05/27/10 - 04:40 PM
Rai the Bropiphany:
"does this mean steve is now our king?"
05/27/10 - 08:05 PM
05/28/10 - 02:15 PM
Jellyfish Opera:
"I dunno.....I thought Steve was a pretty cool guy."
05/28/10 - 06:27 PM
"vary nice"
05/29/10 - 12:40 AM
Chief Wakamakamu:
"I have a friend named Steve, and he's awesome. I like to think this comic is about him in the future."
06/14/10 - 01:37 PM
"*Thinking to self: I have no clue what's going on here. Smile and nod, smile and nod, if you smile blankly enough they won't recognize the panic setting in...* This is a great comic! 8^D"
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