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Nathan S - #479
06/25/10 - 08:28 PM
DF Bagel:
I've only seen the commercials for this show, so there might be something I'm missing about it. But I don't understand why anyone would want a doctor that seems like such a jerk. anyway, have a good weekend.
06/27/10 - 03:38 AM
"In real life doctors can either be nice or qualifed and they are rarely nice. Although that might just be me."
06/27/10 - 05:37 AM
sgt Fujin Vinson:
"I bet House thinks that child has Lupus! It's always Lupus with them..."
07/04/10 - 03:26 AM
"@sgt. Funin Vinson It's not lupus."
07/04/10 - 03:26 AM
"*sgt Fujin Vinson lol sorry for my poor first attempt at your s/n"
07/14/10 - 12:37 AM
"Nah, can't be lupus, must be bubo."
07/14/10 - 12:39 AM
"If you can figure out why, then you are awesome."
02/05/12 - 11:16 AM
that guy:
"he has a problem if his injury hoots."
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