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Nathan S - #514
03/31/11 - 06:01 PM
DF Bagel:
Young Spock Chronicles deux
04/02/11 - 12:25 PM
"Trololo. This is why I love Star Trek"
04/03/11 - 01:58 PM
"Why did he order that shake if he wasn't even going to drink it?"
04/14/11 - 06:53 AM
"So is bones spock's uncle?"
04/17/11 - 07:04 PM
"@leroy: Maybe it's someone else's shake and they had to leave suddenly and looked around hurriedly for a youngster to juxtapose it in front of because they couldn't drink it? Better to give it to someone who might want it than let it go to waste, amirite?"
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