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Nathan S - #526
09/30/11 - 05:44 PM
DF Bagel:
hi guys! i have made a new comic (see above)
10/03/11 - 04:15 PM
that guy:
10/04/11 - 09:48 AM
"I miss your comics greatly, sir."
10/14/11 - 11:08 PM
Acefox :
"Love the Angry Birds referene! Also- H39B,B!"
10/24/11 - 11:48 AM
"It never feels right to sit on hospital beds, it never feels right to be in a hospital though so wat ya gonna do?"
10/24/11 - 11:51 AM
"a non stop menagerie of beeps and smells a cool place does not make."
04/26/12 - 03:30 AM
"I have been thinking how to describe this comic for about ten minutes now and the only words that I keep coming back to are 'highly enjoyable'."
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