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DFAC - Special
10/13/09 - 02:36 PM
Scott C:
Brutal Legend is out in stores today. Let's all celebrate. Sing it from the mountain top. Punch the air with your fists of fire. Yes!!
10/13/09 - 04:33 PM
10/13/09 - 06:39 PM
Leroy Octopus:
"I'm refering to Tim as Schafes from now on."
10/13/09 - 10:35 PM
"hello new desktop image"
10/16/09 - 08:18 PM
"THE best thing ever!"
04/09/10 - 04:39 AM
Angel of Fires Gate:
"oh brother! this is crazy!"
06/19/10 - 05:50 PM
"This is one of the best DFAC strips."
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