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DFAC #715
10/07/09 - 12:15 PM
Scott C:
The Spacemen return.With Skull.
10/12/09 - 09:05 PM
Scott C:
"Yo. Nice one, scott. You really nailed it with this one."
10/12/09 - 09:06 PM
Scott C:
"Oh, thanks. I feel pretty good about it."
10/12/09 - 10:41 PM
"Poor Scott reduced to complimenting himself. I enjoyed today's comic. (Don't let Scott know that this is the first one I have since since #100 or so)"
10/13/09 - 12:18 PM
"Gosh, I hope these new comments are a good idea! I would like to be optimistic about this, but Youtube doesn't exactly have many good comments, you know?"
10/13/09 - 08:19 PM
"Look at me coming across as a Jerk. What I MEANT to say was that this is the first one I have SEEN since #100 or so. No offense intended, I just ran out of time to view."
09/22/10 - 08:47 PM
"I concur with Scott C when he told Scott C "yo this comic is ill" (paraphrased)"
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