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DFAC #716
10/16/09 - 02:05 PM
Scott C:
I love rubik's cube. So hey! remember! APE is this weekend in San Francisco! Come by our table! #564! We'll all be there. We can hang out. Here's the info thread:
10/17/09 - 12:35 AM
B-K Mastah:
"The baby's cute."
10/17/09 - 06:10 PM
"A mix up indeed. Well done, 2HB. I am not in the right place to go to APE. Or maybe it is not in the right place. Why not come to Seattle next time, APE?"
10/17/09 - 08:33 PM
"Great to meet you today at APE, Scott! Thanks for the awesome MJ print. I'm totally inspired to finish my MJ dream comic now."
10/19/09 - 11:00 AM
"Rubik's cube is a hallmark of mental insanity! Be wary!"
10/22/09 - 11:02 PM
"Oh dear. That is way too much butter. Why, even I couldn't handle that much buttery goodness."
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