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DFAC #728
12/07/09 - 01:08 PM
Scott C:
Ah, hello, everyone. was your weekend great? mine was pretty great. i watched some John Adams, the smash hit hbo mini series.
12/07/09 - 06:16 PM
"Gee! Raining rocks! That other horrors will Terrible Person Island have?"
12/07/09 - 10:57 PM
"I saw this coming already when he was a jerk to those mummies."
12/08/09 - 04:22 PM
"Hard rains are gonna fall..."
12/23/09 - 09:02 PM
Royal Flush:
"next time i bake im not making my raw dough become something, cause then there be something they arn't, a lie, a fraud, HOW CAN I LET SUCH DOUGH LIVE THE REST OF THEIR LIVES IN A LIE!!! thank DFAC"
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