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DFAC #729
12/09/09 - 11:55 AM
Scott C:
More raining of rocks. but hey! you guys should check out the video that mummy made! it is a real exciting video! Nathan helped with it. And alan filmed it. You should check out alan's other movies...
12/09/09 - 02:08 PM
DF Bagel:
"nice technique for blocking rocks!"
12/09/09 - 03:03 PM
"Man, the people on Terrible People island really are... terrible. I don't think poor Muscleman really belongs there :("
12/09/09 - 04:46 PM
Scott C:
"It's the diving pose technique."
12/10/09 - 06:43 AM
"I bet it hurts your fingers!"
12/29/09 - 04:11 AM
""Your MOM is fast.""
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