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DFAC #732
12/16/09 - 12:27 PM
Scott C:
guess what? my tree has awesome red lights on it. it's right next to me. i opted for red lights this year rather than rainbow lights. because rainbow lights might be overkill these days.
12/17/09 - 06:12 AM
"What could it be?"
12/17/09 - 07:59 PM
"That box is plainly to small to contain Muscle Man!"
12/17/09 - 10:07 PM
Rai the Bropiphany:
"maybe 2HB wrapped the present and mailed it to him in that time"
12/23/09 - 08:58 PM
Royal Flush:
""i love dilevering on nice days" "mmmhm" proves that we really dont like to talk to mailmen"
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