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DFAC #733
12/18/09 - 10:52 AM
Scott C:
now i know what you are thinking. why is knight smoking? is he a smoker? well, he is smoking a christmas blend. eggnog and cinnamon. no tobacco most likely.
12/18/09 - 01:29 PM
Heart-Shaped Noise:
"quilted smoking jacket: for the ultimate in comfort and classiness"
12/18/09 - 02:50 PM
"Lol. Suspense can be frustrating, too :) Very good stuff, Mr. C!"
12/18/09 - 11:27 PM
"Maybe it's Muscle Man! Wait, he's a bit too big for that. If he is in there, he must be in a severly akward uncomfortable position. Maybe it's the talking garbage pile? Ohhh the suspense is killing me!"
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