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DFAC #736
01/05/10 - 04:27 PM
Scott C:
happy new year, everyone. i am back and ready for more comics. i made a list of resolutions that i am pretty excited about.
01/05/10 - 11:13 PM
"resolutions? but scott c, how could YOU possibly improve yourself?"
01/06/10 - 08:23 AM
"Poor Thompson. I can only assume he'll have to tell the Captain that he's done it, but it's too small to read."
01/07/10 - 03:45 AM
"for that matter, how could 2HB possibly improve itself?"
01/07/10 - 08:27 PM
"The one line kind is called a flathead, which I believe is also the name of Guile's haircut."
01/12/10 - 03:12 AM
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