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DFAC #738
01/14/10 - 02:12 PM
Scott C:
hi, everyone. who loves pets? i do. who has pets? i don't. i have plants though. i like imagining which dog i would have though.
01/14/10 - 08:12 PM
"I have a 15 year old white miniature schnauzer, a blue fronted amazon parrot that hates me, and a 6 foot long guyanan red tailed boa who is fat and needs to go jogging more. I would like a turtle much like the one Muscleman has, but turtles can carry diseases that can be deadly to snakes. We also have a whole bunch of plants, too, since mom loves plants."
01/14/10 - 09:35 PM
"i have a German shepherd dog and a fat cat with a broken leg. they to sit on my books when im tryin' to read!"
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