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DFAC #746
02/16/10 - 05:52 PM
Scott C:
hi, gang. almost didn't make a comic today. right down to the wire. i am going to see a comedy show tonight. i recommend comedy shows. you might like them.
02/17/10 - 01:06 AM
"How many miles does that Pyramid get to the gallon?"
02/17/10 - 12:12 PM
"Now that the mummy has claw arms I'm gonna have to get them too. It's obvious that Benjamin Franklin and the Mummy are on the cutting edge of fashion."
02/17/10 - 04:20 PM
"Aaaaah! The secrets of the Universe are unlocked for all! But Franklin should have just watched the movie Stargate. Rocket Ship Pyramid was in there somewhere, I am pretty sure."
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