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DFAC #748b
02/26/10 - 10:37 AM
Scott C:
it's true. next week, i shall be in London. For a show called "EVERYBODY, ALL THE TIME". At London Miles Gallery on March 4th. come hang out! i'll also be doing comic workshops on March 6th at the gallery. sign up at the site? i shall return to doing comics on March 9th. see you!
02/27/10 - 09:55 AM
"I want to pick up and throw a rock now, if only they aren't buried beneath two feet of snow. HAVE FUN SCOTT"
02/27/10 - 10:10 PM
"Oh wow, the detail is way too much for my brain to comprehend, perhaps too much detail on that naked ogre, give a man something to dream about!"
03/01/10 - 07:37 PM
"I like circle hands with stick fingers."
03/08/10 - 09:24 PM
"I very much doubt anyone could fit lazer components in those tiny lil things. And now im concerned for the muscle man. I do believe those are giant tumors on each arm. I think he should go to a doctor very soon."
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