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DFAC #750
03/11/10 - 10:47 AM
Scott C:
hey, you guys. i've been enjoying myself some awesome jetlag from london. which has nothing to do with this comic really. i watched zombieland last night. i think that inspired this comic somehow.
03/11/10 - 02:46 PM
"I thought it was cake too! XD"
03/11/10 - 05:58 PM
Theron Nate:
"I'm pretty sure I've never seen muscleman so squiggly."
03/12/10 - 06:45 PM
Rai the Bropiphany:
"@Theron Nate He was probably sympathizing for the jell-o at the moment"
03/12/10 - 11:23 PM
"why not destroy him anyway muscleman :("
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