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DFAC #756
04/02/10 - 11:01 AM
Scott C:
you guys!! this weekend is WONDERCON in san francisco. Double Fine had a booth at # D19. i will not be there, but Gabe from DIRT NAP and Tim Schafer from EVERYTHING will be there. you should go visit them!
04/02/10 - 12:38 PM
"what a chill dragon"
04/02/10 - 07:55 PM
Jellyfish Opera:
"I hope he doesn't get killed off, he's pretty laid back."
04/04/10 - 08:26 PM
Theron Nate:
"This reminds me of that one episode of lost."
04/05/10 - 11:52 AM
Scott C:
"heh heh. it does remind me of that episode. good one."
04/05/10 - 06:05 PM
"Hey Nate. You know what else this comic reminds me of? That time you promised you'd give me $1 million!!!"
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