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DFAC #760
04/19/10 - 04:37 PM
Scott C:
hey, gang. Stumptown Comics Festival is this weekend in Portland! i'll be there with Graham Annable (Grickle) and Gabe Miller (DIRT NAP). come visit us! i'll remind you again.
04/19/10 - 06:40 PM
"I already know what happens when you throw a rock at some I'm gonna win the Nobel prize for sure. In other news, I already knew that the big dance off was this weekend. I just didn't feel like telling you."
04/19/10 - 06:43 PM
Theron Nate:
"You know what would help your back, knight? A chiropractor. I know a good one in the philly area, You should totally move the whole double fine headquarters to here. Just sayin'."
04/19/10 - 06:48 PM
"Wow shameless plug Nate. Tell your Dad I said "Hey""
04/19/10 - 07:22 PM
"knight, i'm totally with you on this dancing business"
04/19/10 - 07:48 PM
"is that scientist like Dale Cooper on Twin Peaks?"
04/21/10 - 01:16 PM
Jellyfish Opera:
"Move out of the way, The Dance Off Master is here! I once won a dance off back in the day against a family of manatees. I have skill."
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