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DFAC #769
06/04/10 - 02:06 PM
Scott C:
wow. it is really hot today, everyone. is it hot where you are?
06/04/10 - 04:40 PM
Jellyfish Opera:
"Yeah, it's fairly hot. I don't mind though. I just act like a lizard and totally mooch of sun. PUT YA STUNNA SHADES ON!"
06/04/10 - 07:34 PM
Theron Nate:
"What could he possibly be organizing in there?"
06/06/10 - 06:47 PM
"Organs, laundry, the recycling, you know"
06/07/10 - 01:31 PM
"it is hot here. three days in the future. it is still hot."
06/08/10 - 11:37 AM
Deirdre B.:
"I can't believe I didn't see this strip sooner! My cup phone intarweb is apparently all effed up."
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