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DFAC #771
06/11/10 - 11:02 AM
Scott C:
well, it's friday, you guys. you should go do something super fun to celebrate. black knight is a sour puss as usual. can never please that guy.
06/11/10 - 06:32 PM
"This reminds me of my job... No worries, Cookie Clerk! Just a few more hours of your shift to go!"
06/11/10 - 11:15 PM
"Aw sheesh BK, just let it go- it's not worth it."
06/12/10 - 03:42 PM
Royal Flush:
"I celebrated by haveing a mind party (this is not phsyconauts related) I just danced with abunch a invisble people while my brother stares at me...he wishes he was invited, but my partys are private. Not to mention loads of fun."
06/12/10 - 06:29 PM
Theron Nate:
"His frown makes me feel sad in my tummy.:("
06/13/10 - 06:22 PM
"I hate crappy cookies!"
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