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DFAC #772
06/16/10 - 09:56 AM
Scott C:
i am on a dog kick these days. i should really get one. but i like visiting them at the dog park. i guess that is enough for now. french bulldogs are quite popular in my hood. in case you were wondering.
06/17/10 - 05:20 AM
Deirdre B.:
"That rock really should know better. I prefer my dogs at the doggie park, too. My fave kind of dogs are O.P. dogs. Other People's dogs. P.S. French Bulldogs are adorable."
06/17/10 - 08:57 AM
Jellyfish Opera:
"Reminds me of any crash you can walk out of is a good crash."
06/17/10 - 09:41 AM
Theron Nate:
"The dog doesn't seem to happy to me. He looks like he's frowning."
06/27/10 - 12:30 AM
"He just looks like that, methinks. Those things are usually inbread as holy heck."
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