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DFAC #782
08/17/10 - 01:14 PM
Scott C:
you guys. summer is not over yet! go swim in a pool!
08/17/10 - 04:02 PM
"I bet Knight asked Muscleman to bring the toothpaste because he's gunning for an invite back to Muscleman's Mom's pool."
08/17/10 - 06:06 PM
Deirdre B.:
"I hope Knight doesn't rust in there."
08/17/10 - 06:07 PM
Deirdre B.:
"Oh plus— I want to start the Leaf&Bug; fan club. I mean— I'm a total fan."
08/19/10 - 04:14 PM
"I did bunches of swimmin' today. and ate lunch and invited my friends over to have a mini "Summer Is Still On" party! It was rad!"
08/20/10 - 09:39 AM
Jellyfish Opera:
"A pool. I shall swim in it....aiiiiight."
08/20/10 - 12:35 PM
Royal Flush:
"@chip-off-the-block: AND YOU DIDNT INVITE ME WHY!!!??"
08/20/10 - 12:36 PM
"Dude I wanted Adult friends, your a teenager, calm down."
08/23/10 - 10:15 AM
"So it was an 'Adult' party, eh?"
08/31/10 - 08:32 PM
"I am at this point only 60% convinced Chip-off-the-block is not Royal Flush's sockpuppet. It seems like the kind of thing he would do. And like 30% of that is that he has better grammar and is slightly more reasonable if less fun to talk to."
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