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DFAC #786
09/07/10 - 11:59 AM
Scott C:
well, Bumphead has had a rough life, eh, everyone?
09/07/10 - 07:02 PM
Royal Flush:
"...I'll kill the captian, and save bumbys self esteem."
09/10/10 - 10:06 PM
"poor bagel. Leonard, come back!"
09/13/10 - 09:29 PM
Royal Flush:
"@Katez, no he will not comeback AND ITS YOUR FAULT! *walks away* Your fault! YOUR FAULT KATEZ, YOUR THE ONE TO BLAME! *Dissapears."
09/14/10 - 04:57 AM
"NOOOOOOHOOHOOOOO! *falls to knees sobbing*"
09/14/10 - 08:13 AM
"I guess we all took him for granted."
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