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DFAC #788
09/22/10 - 11:51 AM
Scott C:
Back to our forefathers. Ben Franklin always sets the pace with his stylings.
09/24/10 - 08:24 AM
"That tattoo quill is not only boss, it's also kickin'. I would be kinda pissed at Hancock for signing it so big, though."
09/24/10 - 08:24 AM
"Er, the tattoo, not the quill."
09/24/10 - 08:25 AM
"Although he probably signed that too. That John Hancock. Always signing stuff."
09/26/10 - 12:35 PM
"Doh. Never let John Hancock give you a tattoo. I wonder how Franklin will react when he sees it?"
10/03/10 - 12:49 PM
"Let Hancock sign your chest...:D"
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