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DFAC #796
11/11/10 - 11:09 PM
Scott C:
my gang! it is true. i will be away for a few weeks, but i will totallly be back on Dec 6th for more adventures of muscleman, knight, and all those other people you sometimes see. have a super great thanksgiving and other Fall times! see you!
11/12/10 - 10:07 AM
"have a nice break, Scott! :)"
11/12/10 - 02:25 PM
Acefox :
"my creator never writes me.. :("
11/17/10 - 10:04 PM
"I suppose there are some debate about that."
11/20/10 - 11:17 PM
"Teek eet eesy"
11/22/10 - 09:59 PM
Royal Flush:
"Fare the well,ne'errdowell"
12/05/10 - 01:00 AM
"4 more comics til 800!"
12/06/10 - 12:58 PM
Deirdre B.:
"We are keeping Knight company 'til Scott gets back."
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