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DFAC #801
01/06/11 - 01:15 PM
Scott C:
Hello, everyone! happy 2011! it's time for some amazing adventures for everyone! let's start by getting back to this little adventure with the gang in the cage. what the heck is going to happen??? i have no idea.
01/06/11 - 04:36 PM
"But if YOU don't know....."
01/08/11 - 12:44 AM
"Perhaps no one knows what's going on, but 2HB does and knows what he has to do!"
01/08/11 - 02:01 PM
"My only question is when we the fans will have the chance to get our Double Fine Action Comic Action Figurines. Too many classic characters for me not to put on my shelf."
03/26/11 - 09:25 AM
"Mmm. Fish tacos. My lame blog"
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