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DFAC #804
01/26/11 - 12:19 PM
Scott C:
hey, everyone. what is going on? it is snowing outside my window.snowing awesomely. i hope awesome things are happening outside your window.
01/26/11 - 02:53 PM
"I hate it when Evil 2HB is always in the way... >:("
01/26/11 - 03:18 PM
Deirdre B.:
"Toilet Paper ON HEAD?! My day is now officially hilarious."
01/26/11 - 09:57 PM
"I think evil!2HB might be physically sick if he's always drooling blood. He should consult an evil doctor; perhaps Dr Horrible."
01/29/11 - 12:31 PM
Scott C:
"you guys, evil 2HB is such a hassle to deal with."
01/30/11 - 01:36 AM
Acefox :
"Does the mummy kid in panel 2 even know what he's standing in line for?"
01/30/11 - 05:57 PM
"i imagine he does. just look a that totally in-style hat he is wearing! only a spunky mummy kid could know what he was standing in line for"
02/01/11 - 12:14 PM
Scott C:
"i have to say, this has been a particularly enjoyable group of comments, you guys."
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