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DFAC #806
02/09/11 - 12:21 PM
Scott C:
hey, everyone! the adventure continues. like a tornado storm. also, THANK YOU to everyone who came out to the GREAT SHOWDOWNS EXHIBITION last friday. You can still go see the exhibit in person and online!
02/09/11 - 06:36 PM
"Well played 2HB."
02/09/11 - 06:37 PM
"Also, I didn't know 2HB could do that!"
02/09/11 - 10:21 PM
"OMG, my mind has been blown."
02/10/11 - 11:57 AM
"I wonder... if you ate that 2HB/flower, would you shoot fire balls from your hand?"
02/12/11 - 08:10 PM
"2HB is a total ninja. A WIZARD ninja."
02/13/11 - 05:44 PM
"well it did say it had unlimited magical capabilities"
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