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DFAC #807
02/16/11 - 10:14 AM
Scott C:
everybody! evil 2HB. what a bummer Lord.
02/16/11 - 01:55 PM
Deirdre B.:
"Whoa— little Bad Bug gets the BOOF. Evil 2HB has no friends."
02/16/11 - 04:16 PM
Acefox :
"Evil 2HB needs to improve on his people skills."
02/16/11 - 09:13 PM
"If evil 2HB dreams about flying around in hell.... is that considered a nightmare for him?"
02/17/11 - 11:25 AM
"We will ever discover what makes E2HB tick?"
02/18/11 - 04:31 AM
"Pure hate and malevolence make Evil 2HB tick..."
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