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DFAC #809
03/09/11 - 10:10 AM
Scott C:
Everyone! it has been some time since i have posted. i apologize. i have been so busy, you wouldnt even believe. I was just in Seattle For Emerald City Comicon and i totally enjoyed it. thanks for coming by my table, all of you who came by my table! you are the best! i met some sweet seattle people. The next such show will be MOCCA in NYC on April 9th. And Parisians don't forget that i will be in paris for a show at Galerie Arludik on April 19th! i shall keep reminding you.
03/10/11 - 01:54 AM
Acefox :
"I take it all of our heroes returned to their normal form after blooming from flowers? ( and that Evil 2HB gave up his evil vendetta? ("
03/10/11 - 01:57 AM
Acefox :
"Oops that last URL was supposed to be:"
03/10/11 - 08:18 PM
"I'm always impressed that Muscleman doesn't get disproportionate lifting all different sizes of weights. What's his favorite weight? Eat The Babies!"
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