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DFAC #810
03/16/11 - 11:15 AM
Scott C:
hey, everyone. so i had this fantasy when i was younger that if a murderer came up to me and said "i am going to murder you unless you draw something super impressive." and then i would draw something impressive like a dragon and the murderer would be incredibly impressed. i later had that fantasy when i was in a band and the murderer wanted to hear an amazing jam and we would always deliver an amazing jam. anyway... those were the days.
03/16/11 - 07:48 PM
"There is a song by Tenacious D called "Tribute" about that exact same situation. Well, almost exact."
03/17/11 - 12:53 AM
Acefox :
"That hexapus sure is mean.. and easily satisfied."
03/17/11 - 08:48 AM
"What'd he draw? What'd he draw? Either way, I like the backpack on a whale. Eat The Babies!."
03/17/11 - 09:34 PM
"I've had those dreams too when contemplating the uses for memorizing Tom Lehrer's Elements song."
03/23/11 - 12:17 PM
"It looks like he drew Raz's backpack!"
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