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DFAC #811
03/24/11 - 07:05 PM
Scott C:
it's been pretty relaxing in the world of DFAC hasnt it? it's nice to just relax under a tree and write in one's diary.
03/25/11 - 03:22 AM
"Of course he's not an olive! He's just been very ill lately."
03/25/11 - 10:00 AM
"Has this ever happened to you? A bunch of awesome stuff happens to you and you want to write it all down but you don't have time and it starts to wear you out writing it all so you just sort of list it and once it's listed it just doesn't sound as awesome any more and you're consumed by doubt and your self-confidence is wrecked and you're all like: I thought my life was awesome but it's really just random thing after random thing and who gives a crap and once I get it all written down I'm just like, you know, whatever. that happens to me. Eat the Babies!"
04/06/11 - 02:15 AM
"@BradyDale: that usually happens to me in reverse. I have a really really awful day and I go to write a journal about it, and once I'm done listing the stuff that happened it just sounds kind of inane and picky. But when it was actually happening to me it was the worst thing, you know?"
04/08/11 - 01:32 PM
"@Katez That sounds like a great way to overcome being self-involved, but if I wasn't self-involved, it wouldn't be fun for me to have no friends except me because of I'm so involved with myself. Then again, maybe I would have friends if I wasn't so self-involved? Hmm... sounds risky. I'm going to stay self involved. yes. Done. Eat the Babies!"
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