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DFAC #813
05/03/11 - 11:50 AM
Scott C:
it's springtime, everyone. so all the pets are coming out to the streets and the parks. mostly dogs. and i love it. NEWS FOR YOU: the entire Double Fine Comics Crew with be in Toronto this weekend for TCAF! so come say hi!!
05/03/11 - 10:58 PM
Acefox :
"My pet rock never wants to go out for walks. Maybe I should take him to a geologist."
05/08/11 - 07:07 PM
"Must be tough walking a bird. Keep at it Muscleman."
05/09/11 - 08:34 PM
"There was some French absurdist who used to walk a lobster thru Paris. I read it in D.C.'s BIG BOOK OF WEIRDOES. I bet he called the lobster cute. Only I bet he did it in French. Eat The Babies!"
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