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DFAC #814
05/17/11 - 04:36 PM
Scott C:
everyone! it's time for reading! reading time! right now i am reading game of thrones. but actually book 3, Storm of Swords... but i still call it game of thrones. so expect some old english dialog at times. in the future...
05/17/11 - 11:31 PM
Acefox :
"Haha- they should totally bring back boom boxes! Muscleman's onto something. In regards to Game of Thrones, I think I'll just watch the rest of this season (which is awesome so far!) before I delve into the books."
05/18/11 - 12:37 AM
"Knights gotta deal, what's the point of putting a boombox on your shoulder if nobody sees you do it?"
05/21/11 - 08:43 AM
"I wish they would call each other bros more. It's cool bro. No bro, it's cool. No bro, it's so totally cool. Not as cool as you bro. That's nice bro. No problem bro. But seriously, turn it down bro. It's down bro. Eat the Babies!"
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