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DFAC #819
08/01/11 - 09:19 AM
Scott C:
yes. sometimes giving reference is not enough. you must be quite clear on what you are expecting of a blacksmith. but you also must trust the blacksmith's tastes and own style. it is difficult to art direct blacksmiths at times. happy summer's day!
08/02/11 - 01:52 AM
Acefox :
"Well, at least it looks deadly. But probably would be quite a pain to sheath though."
08/02/11 - 10:11 AM
"the balance has got to be weird, thus making it hard to swing with any force and accuracy.."
08/04/11 - 06:29 AM
"Really a great fun.Deadly but funny!"
08/04/11 - 06:30 AM
"I am really impressed by that !Well done! Moving Company"
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