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DFAC #AnniversarySpecial
07/27/10 - 10:53 AM
Scott C:
hey, everybody! it's Double Fine's 10th year anniversary!! let's all celebrate to the high heavens this week!! woooooo.
07/27/10 - 01:08 PM
"Happy 10th anniversary, DF!"
07/27/10 - 04:59 PM
"holy shit. this comic is the best comic."
07/27/10 - 05:00 PM
"No matter how scrapped they are, I love each character so much. Double Fine is such a creative company headed by perhaps the most creative developer in the biz. Here's to a decade of awesome overall work, be it the games, comics and even the blog posts! Two-Headed Muscleman needs to be in a game."
07/27/10 - 05:45 PM
"Holy potatoes this made my day. Brb drawing current Doviculus is a business suit. Dart totally surprised me."
07/28/10 - 11:32 AM
Jellyfish Opera:
"Most awesome comic moment!"
07/28/10 - 06:20 PM
"Sasha and Milla were hippies?"
07/30/10 - 02:26 AM
"happy 10th anniversary, double fine! I hope we'll also see a 20th year comic"
07/31/10 - 07:41 AM
"Hmm, Double Headed Babe I like!"
08/01/10 - 12:21 AM
Royal Flush:
"Damn I like Demons in suits...that doviculus looks really cool. Man would have loved to see that"
08/14/10 - 03:06 PM
"He's a social dude."
11/23/10 - 07:24 PM
"Happy Bleated 10th anniversary!"
01/14/12 - 10:20 PM
"Oh balls, how come I didn't know this in the first place? Happy Belated 10th anniversary! Such an awesome comic, and again, you guys at Double Fine are very creative and your games are amazing like always! Keep up the great work!"
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