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Tasha - #261
10/09/09 - 12:42 PM
sorry i've been bad about updating the comic this week...i am super busy at work, on something secret & really awesome. also i am trying to get together a mini-comic to sell at APE which is coming up Oct. 17th & 18th in S.F. if you're gonna be in the area you should come by. Me & the other Double Fine comics dudes will be there. it's gonna be my first comic convention where i'm actually selling something so i'm excited.
10/11/09 - 08:14 PM
Snarky Malarkey:
"I wish Portland was in "the area"."
10/12/09 - 09:15 AM
"Those crazy Aussies. Think they're so great. If they weren't so great that would be totally inappropriate!"
10/22/09 - 12:11 AM
"Emiltron is gone???"
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