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Tasha - #262
10/13/09 - 07:54 PM
hmm, it's really hard to draw someone using a theracane. happy brütal legend launch day everyone! hope you enjoy the game and don't hurt your neck headbanging.
10/14/09 - 02:10 AM
"That drawing of Eddie is so awesome, it should be avaliable as an unlockable skin or by DLC."
10/14/09 - 07:21 PM
"Im having Deja vu reading this comic. Haha"
10/14/09 - 07:36 PM
"do you use photoshop to draw your comic?"
10/15/09 - 12:22 AM
"a lot of times i draw rough versions in my sketchbook first (so i remember them) and then do the final version in photoshop"
10/15/09 - 12:25 AM
"get some work done? Do you mean to tell me that you guys have ALREADY started the next game?! talk about productive."
10/15/09 - 12:33 AM
"also, i too own a theracane. and it is one of the most useful devices since cup holders."
10/19/09 - 10:47 AM
"Stark raving productive! Or maby they are just making the PC port."
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