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Tasha - #263
10/16/09 - 02:39 PM
i finally started a twitter account, since i just love talking about myself so much! follow me here:
10/16/09 - 08:31 PM
"Can I just follow you here since I dont have twitter? BTW. I asked my wife if I can get brutal legend and she said not after I finish the 12 other games I haven't finished. Can you help?!"
10/18/09 - 08:27 PM
"The same has been said of my beard when talking about a dog."
10/19/09 - 07:46 PM
"I think the same exact thing whenever I see a cat do a stretch like that."
10/26/09 - 07:57 PM
Chief Wakamakamu:
"...Okay, odd fact. I figured out a while ago that my cat imitates me... so I trained it to use the scratching post by pretending to scratch on it."
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