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Tasha - #264
10/20/09 - 07:33 PM
APE was super fun. i got to meet a couple of my favorite comics artists, Kate Beaton & Joey Alison Sayers. also i got a really cute stuffed otter from Elizabeth Ito. Check out their sites:
10/20/09 - 09:23 PM
"I like the shirts in the background, haha"
10/20/09 - 10:31 PM
"You can buy this comic? I'd love to get a copy. Or are you talking about a different comic entirely?"
10/20/09 - 10:56 PM
"That's why you gotta be super cheap and buy a long-armed stapler and hand-staple all your minicomics yourself... and then you realize you got the page order mixed up, after you stapled them. Or you left out a page. And then you start wondering if the extra ten cents per book or whatever that Kinko's charges for stapling, maybe it really is worth it...."
10/21/09 - 12:59 AM
"But if you make mistakes in the stapling, that makes them rare. Like pennies with two head sides, or books with every other page put in upside down. I hear some companies actually make those on purpose."
10/21/09 - 07:40 PM
"@Sethbeastalan - i made a mini comic to sell at conventions that includes my favorite comics from the website + 5 new ones just for the book. so it's not an official book but just a crappy xeroxed-and-stapled one i made myself. but i want to go to more conventions next year..."
10/22/09 - 03:39 AM
terrible horrible enormous things:
10/23/09 - 06:07 PM
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