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Tasha - #267
10/28/09 - 07:48 PM
as you can tell from this comic, joe moved in...and all his stuff moved in. i'm trying not to stress out about all the stuff.
10/28/09 - 09:43 PM
Leroy Octopus:
"Doritos are back? When were they gone?"
10/29/09 - 01:53 AM
"Oh god I thought their wave of terror was over.. Nice Green Camel."
10/29/09 - 06:21 PM
"oh geez I have such a phobia of those plastic human body model things..."
10/30/09 - 01:47 AM
"it's not plastic, it's actually clay and it's HUGE. and it's wearing a clown hat."
07/29/10 - 05:05 PM
"? 4 a second i thought that bag said smokin' cheddar blog..."
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