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Tasha - #270
11/18/09 - 09:01 PM
yup i quit WoW after 5+ years of playing. but yeah i'll probably sign up again when the next expansion comes out.
11/18/09 - 10:08 PM
Sam Pagan:
"That's a big step for an addict, I hear. But at least you've gone from gaming to... gaming, haha. Do you really have pants that blend in with your couch? That's pretty slick."
11/19/09 - 08:55 AM
"Or she has a pair of those new couch shaped an zized pants."
11/19/09 - 09:29 AM
"I want to start up again. every time i go to target and see those time cards i cry a little."
07/29/10 - 05:01 PM
"u r just like me"
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