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Tasha - #274
12/03/09 - 04:35 PM
okay, so i haven't exactly been updating 3 times a week. but things are happening that make me busy. lots of awesome things, trust me. good thing i love comics like this that have awkward silences, because they also happen to be easy to draw.
12/03/09 - 06:35 PM
"awesome things like telling us or giving us hints about the new double fine game?"
12/03/09 - 07:55 PM
"I just read the whole comic in a 2-day span... Epic."
12/08/09 - 02:12 AM
"I finally lost enough weight to fit back into my favorite jeans and as soon as my Mom saw me over Thanksgiving she told me that I needed to buy bigger jeans because they were too tight on me. I share your pain. :("
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