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Tasha - #276
12/14/09 - 08:41 PM
hey what's up? it's favorite time of year. last night i decorated our tiny christmas tree, which is actually a rosemary plant that our neighbors gave us. it's tiny and beautiful. and tastes delicious mixed in artichoke dip!
12/14/09 - 09:52 PM
"box blues"
12/14/09 - 10:19 PM
"You know I have a few cats myself and everytime they see a empty box their always playing with it. Weird, but cute when trying to box themselves in or sleep inside it."
12/18/09 - 07:13 PM
Rai the Bropiphany:
"haha my dog does the same thing all the time"
12/19/09 - 12:46 AM
"Had a cat that had his own private box, but it was taken away when he started using it as a toilet."
07/30/10 - 10:39 PM
"Ah, cats and their phobias oh demitions"
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