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Tasha - #277
12/18/09 - 08:54 PM
i know! the ending of Elf is so corny.
12/19/09 - 12:47 AM
"Don't feel alone! I did too!"
12/19/09 - 01:23 PM
"at lest it wasn't UP. if it was you'd be bawing like baby in the first 5 seconds of the movie. :("
12/19/09 - 11:19 PM
"Me too! I'm glad I'm not the only one!"
12/20/09 - 03:53 AM
"No no.. pigs in a blanket would imply a (possibly delicious) dish of multiple little sausages being rolled into a single pastry. "Pigs in blankets" sounds more acceptable, in my humble opinion."
07/29/10 - 05:02 PM
"the girl right next to u looks like u"
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