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Tasha - #283
01/13/10 - 11:42 AM
hourly comics from New Years part 4.
01/13/10 - 03:32 PM
"I hate that feeling when you might miss your flight. But when you get there you feel all accomplished :O"
01/17/10 - 01:02 AM
"Panettone is actually some sort of bread cake thing... Maybe you're talking about a Turron.. it's a white-ish bar looking thing it's sweet `shrugs`.. You're so picky! D: lol."
01/14/11 - 11:45 PM
"Panettone is a "fruit bread cake" thing, it's italian. The version that has chocolate instead of fruit is way better (chocottone, in fact in more brazilian than italian, but still)"
05/19/11 - 06:34 PM
"Your plane flew East."
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