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Tasha - #285
01/15/10 - 08:19 PM
TGIF. here's the last hourly comic from New Years. i stopped at 11 pm because i didn't feel like waking up every hour to do them...also by that time i was pretty sick of doing them as you can tell from the last comic.
01/15/10 - 09:49 PM
"oh, also "jazz cell" is a sketch in the British TV series "The Mighty Boosh""
01/15/10 - 10:59 PM
"i havent seen boosh in a long time. i think they stopped showing it on adult swim."
01/16/10 - 03:34 PM
"The mighty boosh is awsome"
01/16/10 - 05:05 PM
"Nice use of the force in the 3rd panel. :p"
01/18/10 - 11:32 AM
Chief Wakamakamu:
"She's also playing her DS... WITH HER MIND."
01/19/10 - 07:58 PM
"I hope not, Mighty Boosh is a mighty good show. Might have to pick it up on DVD."
04/06/11 - 02:53 AM
"The Boosh rules."
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